FEBRUARY 2002: SFP25254

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A proportional divider valve now available from Source Fluid Power allows operators to change the split ratio externally without changing internal components. This new valve, the SFP 25254, will divide input flow anywhere from a 50/50 to an 80/20 split.

Although the SFP 25254 is suitable for any valve-type application requiring an adjustable divider, a common use is to divert flow to a hydraulic motor driving a liquid pump that delivers pre-wetting solution on salt and sand spreaders. The valve provides oil to the motor in proportion to the rate of application of salt and sand. The valve takes the return oil from a conveyor that regulates the amount of sand and salt applied. It then splits off a portion of the oil to a hydraulic motor that drives the pre-wet solution pump. Maximum operating pressure is 3000 psi at flows up to 15 gal/min (57 L/min).

The ratio can be adjusted on the fly manually, or remotely via Source’s Motorized Flow Control (MFC). The MFC is direct acting and stable at flow rates of over 50 gal/min (189 L/min) with power consumption of 1.5 W or less while retaining settings if power is interrupted.

Source can also build the proportional divider valve into a customized package for specialty applications. With modifications, the valve can be supplied as a combiner.

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