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Feedback option for the MFC is now available! We have tested the re-designed circuit board to over a half-million cycles, and it is still going. Our first production run of 50 pieces is built and shipped. To order, add letter code FB after the part number (i.e. F101507FB) Price adder for this option is $40.00 list. Normal discounts per schedule A apply.

Readout Gauges, P/N SFP25416 are now available from stock. This gauge is a standard fuel type unit with Source logo. It reads from 0 to 100%. List price for the gauge is $38.00. Again, normal Schedule A discounts apply.

We have completed prototype testing of our new Valve Controller P/N SFP 25417, and have placed a production order. Units should be available by mid February 2001. When used in conjunction with an MFC with feedback, this controller allows the operator to use a command pot to dial in a desired valve opening and have the MFC go to that position and hold. It can be used in conjunction with an on/off switch that drives the valve shut (or open, depending on how it is wired) when the switch is off and then back to a preset position when the switch is on. The controller is a potted module with separate command pot (shipped loose). List price will probably be $185.00 with standard schedule A discounts applying. This makes the 100 piece OEM price $79.55. We would appreciate your comments on pricing or any other issue concerning this product.

Preliminary testing on the pressure compensated version of the F10 cartridge has been very successful. We have shipped 5 prototypes and are waiting for feedback from the customer. Once we know the valve is working well for them, we will offer it to the general market. This valve is a two port pressure compensated cartridge. It fits the standard 10-2 cavity. Flow is from nose to side only. Flow range is from 0.2 to 6 GPM with a compensating pressure of 150 – 200 PSI. Our next project will be a 3-port version to fit the 16-3 cavity. This valve would function as a priority divider type valve with excess oil bypassed to tank. It could also function as a 2-port valve by simply blocking the bypass port.

If you need a faster version of the MFC, one is now available. We just received a supply of motors that operate the valve full open to full shut (or vice-versa) in 1.75 seconds @ 12VDC. We have life tested to 1,000,000 cycles @ 24 VDC. Part number is F10**02 or F16**02.

In the area of custom products, we are now in production of a self-contained electro- hydraulic linear actuator. SFP 25399 is a custom package incorporating a DC motor, pump, valves, and cylinder all in one unit. This unit is a custom package designed to open and close swinging style gates at gated communities and other secured areas. Now that we have the details worked out for combining all these components into a single package, it wouldn’t be difficult to develop a similar package to fit your customer’s needs. Pump size, cylinder size, and circuitry can all be changed. There is no reason the concept couldn’t even be applied with a rotary actuator or HTLS motor. Applications that might be good candidates are process valve operators, trailer tilt systems, or custom lifts.

Don’t forget the Source standard bar manifolds for use with D-03, D-05, and D-08 directional valves. These are usually in stock, and we can supply with various options, including Load Sense checks to facilitate use with load sense pumps.

Speaking of Load Sense systems, remember that the MFC is the ideal valve for providing electric remote flow control of a flow compensated pump. Since the limiting factor in the pressure rating is the differential and not the static pressure (we have proof tested the cartridge to 23,000 PSI), you can use it in LS circuits to 5000 PSI or higher. Depending on the flow compensator pressure setting, you can control flows of 70 GPM or more. At a margin setting of 250 PSI, for example, you should be able to control over 70 GPM, and since this is a direct acting device, it is very stable. The best part is that you can get all this control for around $150.00 OEM.

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