JULY 2008

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Generation II motors.
In mid 2006 we introduced a new motor/gearbox assembly for all Motorized Flow and Pressure controls. The new package incorporates a larger motor with a planetary gearbox that offers the following advantages over first generation motors:

  1. More torque, improving reliability at higher pressures and enabling the introduction of higher flow valves.
  2. A wider speed range. The fastest valve now travels full open to fully closed to 1.25 sec.
  3. Less backlash, leading to tighter control.
  4. A more reliable position feedback.

See the motor specifications page in order pages for more details.

Generation II Controllers.
In conjunction with the new motor, our new PEM-DMC controller provides for tighter position control with more flexibility. It allows valve position to be set using a potentiometer, 4-20 ma., 0-10V, or PWM signal. Valve and controller can now be calibrated to provide maxim control range.

Besides the basic control card, we offer controller packages for single or dual valve control that include the command pot, on/off switch, and fuse in a pre-wired die-cast enclosure. See the PEM-DMC spec sheet or controller sheets in the order pages section for details.

High Flow, F20 size Motorized Flow Controls.
The new F20 size Motorized Flow Control provides remote adjustable control of flows up to 120 GPM. The cartridge fits a 20-2 cavity and comes in flow ranges of 0-80, 0-100, and 0-120 GPM. Operating pressure is 3000 PSI nominal, but can be higher when used in load sense applications or when pressure differential across the valve 3000 PSI or less. Motor options are the same as for all other MFC’s.

When applied with the feedback option and our PEM-DMC controller, this valve offers the lowest cost option for remote flow control you can find on the market today.

PR10 Pressure Reducing/Relieving valve.
In addition to our standard motorized pilot and two-stage motorized relief valves, Source has developed a reducing/relieving cartridge. This valve combines our motor package with a pressure reducing/relieving function to provide remote control of reduced downstream pressure for specific functions in a hydraulic system. A typical application is to regulate down pressure on a sweeper broom at less than system relief setting.

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