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  • Feedback Option for our Motorized Flow Controls
    To order, add the letter code FB after the part number (i.e. F101507FB); there is a $40 list adder to the part number.
  • Readout Gauges
    This is a standard fuel type unit with the Source logo. It reads from 0 to 100%. To order, use part number SFP25416. List price is $38.
  • Sun Cavities for our Motorized Controls
    The F13A cartridge will fit Sun cavity T-13A; the flow range is available in 0-5, or 0-15 GPM.
    The F16A cartridge will fit the Sun T-16A; the flow range is available in 0-20, 0-35 or 0-50 GPM.
    Contact your local Sun Distributor for details and availability.
  • Electro-Hydraulic Actuator
    A custom package incorporating a DC motor, pump, valves and cylinder, all in one unit. This package is designed to operate security gates at gated communities and other secured areas. This concept could be applied to any similar function.
  • SFP25425
    A custom package that incorporates a solenoid shutoff into our SFP25275 (bankable version of our Motorized Controls). This new package allows each function to be turned on and off instantly without changing the flow control setting. Contact Source Fluid Power Customer Service for details.

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