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  • Function::Manual flow control for restrictive type flowcontrol.-Non pressure compensated.
  • Flow Range::• Based on 100 PSI fully open pressure drop• 0-3 GPM.• 0-5 GPM.• 0-10 GPM.• 0-15 GPM.(Maximum flow ratings reflect flow at 100 psi dropwhen valve is fully open. Valve will handle significantlyhigher flows at higher pressure drop).
  • Applications::The H10** is a manual version of the Source Fluid Power -10 size motorized flow control. It can be used to provide alternate manual flow control in any application where the motorized flow control is not required.
  • Cavity::10-2, Industry common cavity, SAE #10.7/8-14 UNC thread x .625 nose diameter.
  • Operating Pressure::• 5000 psi max
  • Cartridge Weight::1.0 lbs.
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